• Investments by Piper Serica Angel Fund
  • ALT Mobility is a full-stack EV leasing platform offering mobility as a service (MaaS) for commercial vehicle users. By acquiring affordable debt financing from both domestic and international financing institutions, the company seeks to provide a well-structured financial solution for the electrification of commercial fleets throughout India. With a full stack EV leasing solution, it enables asset light logistic enterprises to ramp up to tens of thousands of EV fleets in months.
    The company has created an information intelligence platform intended to offer financial organisations big data risk analysis. In order to generate insights from distributed and unstructured data sources, the company’s platform combines computational techniques like machine learning, natural language processing, and data visualisation technologies. This facilitates financial institutions, institutional investors, and businesses to make quick decisions while realising market possibilities and minimizing capital risks.
    ZFW is creating a physical network of micro warehouses (dark stores) along with a strong tech integration to let D2C brands and consumer brands to deliver products on the same day thereby improving customer delight.
    Founded in 2021, Driffle is a digital goods marketplace that connects gamers with sellers all over the world. The platform sells games, digital gift cards, and gaming points for gamers. The companys objective is to make online gaming accessible, affordable and safer for gamers worldwide.
    Founded in 2020, Oditly is an enterprise-scale SaaS application enabling businesses of all sizes to digitize and automate the entire lifecycle of quality, safety and compliance processes within minutes. The product offers to set up and manage inspection workflows seamlessly allowing users to schedule recurring inspections, assigning tasks and actions plans.
    Founded in 2022, UnOrg is the first and only B2B managed Marketplace that is empowering street food vendors, Dhabas and sweets shops etc. The company operates a procurement platform intended to create a one-stop solution for street food vendors by offering a range of services including a large set of SKUs, timely slot delivery, discounts on all products, and other related services, enabling vendors to procure raw materials swiftly and systematically.
    DesignX helps manufacturing companies with process discovery, modelling, monitoring & automation through RPA & IIOT to improve MSQCD (Morale, Safety, Quality, Cost & Delivery) on the shop floor.
    Castler is a Digital Escrow Platform which includes solutions for setup, administration, collections & payouts, approvals, processing and risk management.
    Floworks provides CRM/ERP type functionality on top of Whatsapp for businesses to better manage their operations, especially for their workforce on the field.
    MyCaptain provides beginner to advanced Live & Online Cohort based courses in the fields of Business, Content, Design and Product. They help early professionals, young graduates and college students acquire skills and get jobs in New-age and aspirational careers.
    University Living is a global student housing marketplace. It helps students across the globe find suitable and secure accommodation near their university campuses.
    KiVi provides digital financial solutions and a physical platform for the farmer to procure input, implement agronomy practices, process & market output. It employs a micro-entrepreneur-led (franchisee) model that combines the strength of the platform with the franchisee’s local expertise, social capital and last mile transaction capability.
  • Investments made by Manager
  • Khatabook is among the world’s fastestgrowing Saas company. It enables micro, small and medium merchants to track business transactions safely and securely.It also offers features such as online payment collection through UPI and QR; sending periodic reminders to creditors via messages and report generation.
    fleetx is an Al-Driven Freight Movement Platform that helps supply chain and logistics stakeholders digitize their operations and helps them make smart decisions based on real time actionable insights.
    Junio is a kids-focused digital pocket money-smart card helping parents to create in-app tasks for kids to earn and track their spending
    Gaming marketplace.
    Mynvax is a pre-clinical stage vaccine biotechnology company. Current develop programs include a recombinant vaccine for human influenza and COVID19.
    FreshR is a business-to-business (B2B) supplier of fresh fish and meat products, managing farm-gate logistics, storage, and distribution
    Donatekart is India’s most reliable platform to donate to charities online.
    Crypso is a social networking platform that helps crypto users connect with communities of crypto investors and creators and keeps the users updated on trending news, influencer videos & popular signals for a coin, enabling the users to execute trade signals from top influencers and learn from their collective wisdom.
    Kawa Space designs and operates most advanced earth observation satellite constellations. The Kawa Platform is an intelligence platform that provides geo-spatial insights through an API to technology teams worldwide

    *Disclaimer: These investments include investments made by the manager and its employees prior to the fund launch.